Introducing Pao Power Kids

In March we were introduced to two new community members, Ying and Kong, our Pao Power Kids! This super sister and brother duo will be seen around the school catching students when they are shining and showing us excellent examples of Pao schools eight character strengths. They will happily remind us how we can do better if we need some encouragement. Lucky students who have been spotted by either Ying or Kong, will have their photo taken with them and displayed around the school.


This semester, Zoe Nuland from Y4A and Felix Shen from Y5C have been selected to play the roles of Ying and Kong. Zoe and Felix have shown us great examples of our character strengths throughout their time at our school and are active members of the Eco Warriors.

这个学期,四年级A班的Zoe Nuland和五年级C班的Felix Shen被选为了小英和小孔的扮演者。ZoeFelix是环保小卫士的活跃成员,他们通过在校期间的表现给我们的品格特征树立了优秀的榜样。

We will choose two lucky students to play the roles of Ying and King each semester. We know everyone will be happy to see our mascots, when they are out looking for students exhibiting Pao character strengths!


Welcome to the YK Pao Character Education Blog


At YK Pao School, we work to create an environment where all members of the community are committed to constantly developing their character at home, at school, and in the broader community.


The goal of the Character Education program is to train students and staff to not only have knowledge but also to use their knowledge and skills to make our community and world a better place.


This blog will serve as a lens into Character Education at YK Pao schoolwhat we are thinking, feeling and doing.   We hope to also provide resources and highlight stories that might inspire and help others with growing character.