What does global mindedness mean to you?

Global Collaboration Day is a chance for schools around the world to learn, share and collaborate on activities. At YK Pao School, we have entered our interactive event to help everyone develop a sense of global mindedness. Check out the information below to learn how to participate. 

Global mindedness is a huge buzzword in education nowadays. Each school has their interpretation of what it means. Our event hopes to share what everyone around the world thinks global mindedness means to them.

We are using Padlet to collect everyone’s thoughts as it is a convenient way to collaborate and sort the data. When the event finishes, we will look for the most popular answers and post them in bold at the top of the Padlet for everyone who participated to see.

There are 4 simple steps to engage in the activity:
1. Click on the URL link to access the Padlet (http://tinyurl.com/yasklgoo)
2. Add your name and the country you are working in to the title of your comment (and school if you wish)
3. Write what global mindedness means to you
4. Check back later to see what others have added to the Padlet

Click here for 2017 participating schools and organizations from around the world!

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